Medical marijuana miracle gives an infant and family a fresh start

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Sadie Higuera, a young child from Ramona, will turn three years old on May 4 but was never expected to see her first birthday. Sadie was born with a debilitating and rare disease called Schinzel-Giedion syndrome that caused doctors to consider her terminally ill. Higuera suffered from as many as 300 seizures a day as an infant and even needed to be resuscitated at times. Her parents had been told at least eight times she wouldn’t survive one of her many medical emergencies. 

The family had expended all of their options, trying numerous anti-seizure medications to treat her conditions but found them all to be ineffective while adding harsh side effects to her health issues. Doctors offered a final suggestion, proposing to her family to consider a medication that would potentially end her life. 

"At eight months old we were basically asked to end her life," her father Brian Higuera said during the U-T Successful Aging Expo. "That’s when we found medical marijuana."

The Higuera family turned to medical marijuana, using cannabis oil as a means to treat Sadie’s numerous ailments. The prospect of ending the life of their daughter was horrifying and unacceptable, leading to the family taking a chance on an alternative method. What they immediately discovered was nothing short of a miracle and a fresh start for their daughter.

"We had miraculous results from it," Brian Higuera said. "Within 5-to-10 minutes it pretty much stopped her seizures. From there it’s just been a game-changer. Until now it’s been one advancement after another, with the biggest one lately she’s going to school."

A tumor in Sadie’s lungs has regressed since administering cannabis oil to her, while scoliosis in her spine has shown signs of improvement. That she went from being "written off" as her father painfully said, to now preparing to attend school, has changed the lives of the Higuera family. 

"I look at it as wow, look at where Sadie’s come from and her severe disorder. What about the kids that only suffer from epilepsy and that’s what’s holding them back? Or only suffer from autism," Brian Higuera said while marveling at the advancements he’s seen. "They have the ability to completely come out of their shell and just grow so much."

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