Storm on the way to San Diego Saturday evening

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Rain may have come and gone in San Diego after a storm system passed during the week, but more rainy weather is on the way later in the evening Saturday. Expect downpour to begin in the P.M. hours Saturday that could last through Sunday morning and into the day. Wet conditions are expected across all of San Diego County. 

The heaviest rain looks like it will hit Sunday, along with possible thunderstorms in mountain areas. Colder airs will follow up the storm on Monday, with conditions clearing up through Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Temperatures will be in the mid 60’s in coastal areas over the weekend and are expected to stay in that range through most of next week. Inland areas will see a high of 70 on Saturday before cooling down to 66 on Sunday. Those temperatures will be in the low 70’s and high 60’s through most of the week. 

Mountain areas will see a high of 50 on Saturday, then drop to 45 on Sunday. Desert areas will sit in the mid 70’s through the weekend. 

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