San Diego now expecting 10,000 new affordable homes

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – On Oct. 3 the City of San Diego approved a resulution which will expand affordable housing in the region by 10,00 homes on government land by the year 2030.

The San Diego homeless crisis has been at the forefront of politics and news stations for months since the pandemic, and the homeless count are only expected to rise.

Nathan Fletcher and City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera led the summit which led to the major decision meant to address the region’s critical housing shortage, a shortage that has sent thousands fleeing California regions like San Diego.

The resolution calls for four major actions:

  • Streamlining the permit process to accelerate housing production
  • Building 10,000 climate action-friendly affordable homes on government-owned land near transit lines in projects that support well-paying construction jobs
  • Leveraging public and private funds to speed up the availability of affordable housing, supplementing the current market
  • Increasing density on properties owned by the San Diego Housing Commission or its nonprofit affiliate


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