San Diego officially bans Styrofoam products

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The city’s ban on polystyrene foam products, commonly called Styrofoam, is now official.

As expected, a divided city council approved a second-reading of the ban, which was first voted on last October.

The ban on polystyrene foam products, coolers, ice chests and more importantly Styrofoam take-out containers, is primarily focused on the ocean.

Environmentalists say Styrofoam doesn’t break down and large pieces foul the seas.

The small group of Hispanic restaurant owners who gathered at City Hall before the Council’s vote, say they support the environment too, but ask why does it have to be at the expense of their businesses.

The City Council says while Styrofoam is technically recyclable, the City’s had no success doing it.

The restaurant group had hoped the three new members on the Council might want to revisit the ban, which was approved October 2018 by a 5-to-3 vote along party lines.

While there was a lot of dialogue about whether the City is proactively reaching out to the businesses most impacted, the vote on the second reading was 6-to-3.

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