San Diego Opera Kicks Off Its 2014 Season With ‘Pagliacci’

The San Diego opera kicks off its 2014 season this weekend with a classic, and they're not clowning around.  It's 'Pagliacci'. 

“Pagliacci is one of the great operas.  It's short, it's taut, it has violence and love and passion and basically it's a troupe of clowns with internal issues between them.  Who loves whom, who's after whom, and the result is that the head of the troupe murders his wife and a lover that he has discovered she has, and all of this happens during a play in front of an audience.  It's quite powerful,” says Ian Campell, General and Artistic Director of the San Diego Opera.

This iconic show brings world class singers to San Diego in roles that are truly unforgettable.

“The first time I saw Pagliacci was at the Met.  I was going to school at Julliard and I saw Giacomini singing Canio.  I was knocked over by the shound of this man's voice and the power of that production.  I sat in the theatre after it emptied just staring at the stage and thinking 'I didn't know we were allowed to do that,” says Frank Porretta, who plays Canio.

Pagliacci is a love triangle whose plot will draw you in deeper than the most compelling dramas on television and film today.

According to actor David Adam Moore, “Silvio, who is a simple farm boy, basically has fallen in love with the lead clowness, Nedda, so they've had a little thing going for a while here and in this opera Silvio witnesses a lot of Nedda's husband's mistreatment and he finally comes to her with a proposal…run away with me.”

Returning this season to assure the quality of music matches the internationally renowned singers is our own San Diego Symphony.

“This is a great first opera for anybody because it's not overly long; it's only 80 minutes and therefore you're into the drama very quickly / And because we use English projections above the stage you know every word that is being sung, you know what the drama is. This is theatre with music and it is certainly a great launching pad for anybody who has never tried opera before,” adds Campell.

Pagliacci opens Saturday night at the Civic Theatre and runs through February 2nd.  For tickets and information, go to 


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