San Diego People: Emergency room shortage

A comment from the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties on ambulance wait times:

"Prolonged wall times are a priority concern for hospitals, physicians, pre-hospital providers, and the community. The variables that influence wall times are multifactorial & complex and require a collective health care provider and community response to effectively address. Typically, increases in wall times can be correlated with increased ambulance traffic, seasonal illnesses, emergency department (ED) and hospital inpatient saturation, workforce shortages, inflexible regulations and population growth. San Diego area hospitals assist in addressing prolonged wall times by working collaboratively with community agencies and other hospitals to share data, identify specific causes leading to increased wall times and share best practices to effectively address wall times. The most difficult challenge for hospitals is increasing facility capacity when they are saturated. Over the past 5 years, multiple hospitals have increased ED capacity and worked to improve throughput. Hospitals will need to continue to do so for the foreseeable future as population growth and increases in the insured population, including significant growth in the Medi-Cal population, are challenged with inadequate primary care access and seek emergency departments for care."

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