San Diego People: Local BioTech Companies

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego’s BioTech industry is making huge strides in developing life-saving diagnoses, treatments, and therapies for cancer.

One La Jolla based company recently approved for its artificial intelligence software, which can scan mammograms for signs of cancer. This can help doctors and patients learn about abnormal results more quickly, so they can take action sooner.

Kevin Harris the CEO of Cure-Metrix, joined us to tell us all about the company’s new technology.

Next, we looked at Tocagen’s gene therapy that is designed to activate a patient’s own immune system against their brain cancer. Tocagen’s Vice President Nicholas Boyle shared more on how this therapy works and how it has been doing in clinical trials.

Last, Allan Camaisa, the CEO of Calidi Biotherapuetics explained his company’s groundbreaking treatments and therapies for cancer.


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