San Diego People: Seeking Asylum in the United States

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – More undocumented immigrants tried to cross the border illegally in February, than any February in more than a decade.

The high number doesn’t come as a shock to those working on the front lines. If the trend continues, experts say close to a million immigrants will flood the border in 2019.

The number also represent a shift in people trying to cross illegally. Now, fewer than one in 10 immigrants arrive from Mexico.

KUSI Contributor and legal analyst, Esther Valdes joined Sandra Maas in studio to discuss in detail the high influx of illegal immigrants to the United States and how the asylum process works.

The second segment, the Tomas family; Sergio, Mariela, Maynor, and Ericka, came to California in 2016 from Guatemala. They are currently seeking asylum in the United States and have been working with Esther Valdes to do it the correct way.

Lastly, the Bakala family from the Democratic Republic of Congo seeking asylum in the United States was separated after entering the country at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Constantin Bakala, the husband and father of the family was sent to a Georgia immigration detention center while his wife and seven kids reside here in Southeast San Diego.

Constantin recently faced deportation but was granted temporary relief. He now remains in custody while the Board of Immigration Appeals decides whether to reopen his case, which could take a few months.

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