San Diego Police Chief Nisleit publicly opposes bill to ban K-9 use

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – This week, San Diego Police Chief Dave Nisleit blasted a bill that would ban the use of K-9’s for apprehensions.

AB 742 would would outlaw the use of K-9’s to apprehend dangerous criminals and would only allow them for detecting bombs and drugs. Police have uniformly opposed the bill across California.

Chief Nisleit said in a statement, “In only 1% of the calls over the last 5 years did the suspect ignore K-9 warnings, refuse to surrender and, as a result, was bitten. The unintended consequence of this piece of legislation will be an increase in officer-involved shootings, officer and suspect injury and increased threats to community safety.”

Nisleit joined KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego on Friday to further discuss the proposed legislation.

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