SD Sheriff’s, SDPD dance battle it out

San Diego Police — Running Man Challenge via Youtube

Remember this? A month ago, the San Diego Police Department hopped on the "Running Man Challenge" and called out the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department in a challenge. Well, sheriff’s responded Thursday, in a big way. 

San Diego Sheriff’s respond to SDPD’s challenge via Youtube

This friendly competition allowed both departments to show their lighter side.

"We did this because this challenge has been about having fun and we wanted to do that with our community. It allows us to show a side of ourselves that people don’t normally get to see," SDPD said in a press release.

The Sheriff’s Department used the video to support local charities. "I’m giving to Alzheimer’s San Diego, in memory of my good friend, former Sheriff Bill Kolender," San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore said. 

The Sheriff ended their video with a new challenge: For San Diegans to use the running man challenge to donate to a charity of their choice. 

So, who did it best? Explosions, bomb robots and cars with hydraulics — We think we’re the real winners here. 

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