San Diego police release names of those arrested at Donald Trump rally

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The San Diego Police Department Wednesday released the names of those arrested at last Friday’s Trump rally.

On Friday, May 27, the city designated demonstration zones — one for Trump supporters and another for those who oppose the 69-year-old billionaire’s presidential bid — on the northwest and southeast sides of the Harbor Drive center and monitored attendees’ behavior while ensuring their constitutional free-speech rights.

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Everything remained peaceful until crowds started leaving the Convention Center. Several small scuffles began, which quickly grew into larger fights.

"The situation rapidly changed from predominantly peaceful protests that we had been seeing all day long, to acts of violence between opposing protesters, which included fights, objects being thrown into the crowd and the crowd pushing and shoving each other,” San Diego Police Department Chief Shelley Zimmerman said.

Those arrested were (last names listed first): 

  • Leyva, Erik
  • Bernardino, Gerardo
  • Crosby, Sean
  • Musa, Hamsa
  • Howarth, Paul
  • Harwell, Jordan
  • Wycyinsky, Thomas
  • Armaral, Marco
  • Mendivil, Luis
  • Cortes, Jose
  • Donarye, Jorge
  • Fonseca, Tania
  • Morena- Sausedo, Teresa
  • Ortega, Jose
  • Sanchez, Nancy
  • Pease, Byran
  • Vicencio, Brenda
  • Thorpe, Erikka
  • Galligan, Seamus
  • Steinberg, Brandon
  • Swain, Janelle
  • Ramirez, Jairo
  • Orozco, Victor
  • Goodman, Madison
  • Orozco, Alejandro
  • Riddick, Kenneth
  • Luna, Ricky

This list only names 27 people. Five names were withheld because the suspects were under 18 years of age. And another name was withheld because the person was taken to the hospital and is protected by HIPAA laws. Total people arrested: 33.

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