San Diego ranks 6th best city for veterans

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego ranked sixth best city in the U.S. for veterans, according to a study by the website WalletHub.

Criteria for the rankings were based on such things as availability of jobs in military skill areas, veteran unemployment, numbers of homeless veterans and
location of Veterans Affairs facilities.   

The authors split the criteria into two main categories. San Diego was first in environment, education and health, but just 54th in economic wellness.   

The environment, education and health sector included factors like the number of veterans per 1,000 in population, educational opportunities, number of VA benefits and health facilities per an area’s population of veterans, and the willingness of veterans to recommend the local veterans hospital.   

Irvine, Scottsdale, Raleigh, Orlando and Gilbert, Arizona, were the five best, according to WalletHub. The five worst out of 100 cities were Miami, Boston, Hialeah, Florida, Newark and Detroit, according to the rankings.

Chula Vista ranked 12th overall.   

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