San Diego’s Egyptian community react to Mubarak’s resignation

The joy in Cairo's Liberation Square is being  matched Friday night by the Egyptian community here in San Diego. KUSI's Ed Lenderman was at the Islamic Center of San Diego and shares the feelings and happiness coming from that community.

The emotions expressed by the Egyptian-American community in San Diego were obviously more restrained than the cheering, flag-waiving scene throughout Egypt but they were no less sincere or heartfelt: “as members of San Diego's Egyptian-American community gathered in the Library of the Islamic Center in Clairemont, we couldn't ' help but think, what a difference a day makes.”

We met Marwa Abdalla, one of the more articulate members of the community Thursday after Mubarak's address. She spoke of her bitter disappointment but also indicated she was hopeful.

Everyone has acknowledged the uncertainty of what lies ahead for Egypt but no one doubts the commitment of the Egyptian people toward real change. Several of them said they look forward to going back home for good at some point, to help rebuild a country who's best and brightest were forced to leave by the rampant corruption.

One of the two Imam's at the Islamic Center said something interesting, that what is happening in Egypt is the norm not the exception. It's just that the exception has been going on for a long time.

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