San Diego resident and data expert Justin Hart blasts ‘contradictory’ coronavirus rules

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego resident and data expert, Justin Hart, has been paying very close attention to the coronavirus data in San Diego County.

Furthermore, Hart has been actively following the County’s daily coronavirus press briefings hosted by Supervisors Greg Cox, Nathan Fletcher, and Public Health Officer Wilma Wooten.

While watching these press briefings, Hart posts critique of the questions our local reporters ask, saying they are “not on your side.” Hart posted a threat of tweets (below) commenting on each question that was asked by our local media at Wednesday’s briefing. He concluded tweeting, “Look, re-opening is on all of our minds… but out of the 8+ questions only 2 press people asked positive “why aren’t you re-opening x when y”… the rest were all-“tattle-tale” in nature. Given a blow torch – most of these these folks would gladly weld you inside.”

But, Hart gave Kudos to KUSI’s Mike McKinnon III for calling out the difference in beach regulation between California in New York. McKinnon asked the County, “In New York the beaches are closed to swimming, but gatherings of up to 10 are allowed on the sand. Here in San Diego, we are allowed to swim but not be on the sand. Officials from both places say the rules are made to increase the safety of the residents. Why is there such a big difference between regulations here, and in New York when it comes to the beach?”

Data Expert Justin Hart joined KUSI News Thursday evening to discuss the “inconsistent and contradictory” regulations that the County Public Health team has implemented on San Diegans.

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