‘The Goodlife’ cannabis festival postponed indefinitely as organizers re-evaluate contract

DEL MAR (KUSI) — Members of the 22nd District Agricultural Association for the Del Mar Fairgrounds, decided Tuesday to rescind the contract made with The Goodlife Cannabis Festival to avoid legal woes.

The festival is scheduled for September 23, but board members voted Tuesday to table the festival tentatively, even though a contract is in place. If people dispute it, the plans will go up in smoke.

In November, voters approved state Proposition 64, which legalized possession, transport, use and transfer of marijuana for people 21 years old or older and allowed personal cultivation of up to six living marijuana plants at a private residence. The law also provided municipalities with the authority to regulate marijuana-related activities.

The contract states that those with medical marijuana cards can smoke in designated areas. Parents are outraged that dispensaries, dealers and smoking will be allowed in a place that’s normally occupied by family fun. 

Both board members and organizers agreed that marijuana wouldn’t be sold, sampled or gifted on site, but board members said that guidelines must now state that marijuana will not be consumed anywhere on the property.

They’re open to re-negotiate if organizers can promise to fall in line with federal law. 

Until then, the Goolife Festival — which was expected to attract up to 6,000 people — is postponed indefinitely. 

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