San Diego restaurants ‘one-upping’ competing offers to incentivize workers

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As the California economy finally begins to reopen, restaurants and business that have been shut down for months are starting to looking to hire new employees so they can once again fully reopen.

But, many of these businesses are having trouble finding people to work, since they are are being incentivized to stay home with payments from our government. If you make more money staying home, having extra free time, why would one commit to working 40 hours a week for less money?

Many say these people aren’t being lazy, they are just being rational.

In order to find workers, restaurants are promising more pay and benefits to get potential workers to commit to their job openings.

For example, Corvette Diner, which is part of the Cohn Restaurant Group, is experiencing this problem themselves.

CRG Operations Manager, Sofia Picazo, told KUSI’s Allie Wagner that they are urging people to just walk-in to apply for a job, and they will even “one-up” competing offers to secure new employees. Picazo said people have been coming in for interviews, accept the job, and then don’t show up for their first shift.

This is likely because they can claim to be actively looking for work, and continue receiving benefits from our government.

Picazo explained how they are trying to combat this phenomenon and provide better incentives for workers to start working again on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego.

Corvette Diner was scheduled to open April 1, 2021, but that did not happen.

Now, they are open only five days a week, with limited hours, because they simply don’t have the staff to open anymore than that.

Picazo said they are offering training camps for free, and “are willing to invest in you,” as incentives to new employees.

During the 9:00 AM hour of Good Morning San Diego, KUSI’s Allie Wagner answered Corvette Diner’s phone, and the person calling was interested in applying for a job! They were watching the broadcast, and heard about the incentives they are offering, and thought it may be something worthwhile.


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