San Diego startup allows online voting for elections

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A year from now Americans will be going to the polls, voting for a new president. 

You know the drill, going to a neighborhood garage, walking into a cardboard booth and punching holes in a card.  

But that antiquated process will soon be "a thing of the past." 

A San Diego entrepreneur is in the process of modernizing the way we vote. 

Lori Steele is founder and CEO of Everyone Counts…an online voting service that allows more people to participate in elections in a safe, secure way.

"It actually started here in the United States. Looking at the 2012 presidential elections it became so clear that one of the most important business processes in the world was using decades old technology and hundreds year old processes so I started looking at ways to fix it," Steele said.

This new way of voting is already being used for the Oscars, Academy Awards, and in elections around the world. 

"It’s possible to have accessible, secure, reliable elections using modern technology instead of antiquated paper processes," Steele said.

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