San Diego State University to move all classes online due to coronavirus

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego State University’s Senate has decided to begin transitioning all classes to virtual instruction as a precaution to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, the university announced Tuesday.

There are no current cases of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, in the SDSU community, but the university’s administration had begun encouraging faculty at the start of this month to consider moving course material and instruction into virtual spaces.

SDSU is offering training workshops for faculty to assist with the transition, which must be completed by April 6, according to an SDSU spokesperson. Until Tuesday, that move has been voluntary.

Following SDSU’s spring break, from March 30 to April 3, all classes will be held under virtual instruction through the end of the semester with some exceptions. The last day of classes is May 7.

“In the continued interest of health and safety, SDSU and the University Senate are encouraging all faculty to transition as soon as possible from in-person meetings and classes to distributed or fully virtual modalities,” university staff said in a campus-wide email. “This decision, supported by a University Senate vote today, pertains to an all campus adoption of virtual course offerings. Many units have already moved to meet the request.”

The university is make decisions whether to host events on a case-by- case basis. Variables such as air travel, susceptibility of the audience, the availability of virtual options and guidance from health departments, will factor into the decisions.

The campus remains open, with business and academic services continuing.

Below is the email SDSU officials sent to students and faculty:

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