San Diego Supervisors attempting to slander all opponents as racist extremists

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Tuesday, San Diego community members showed up to speak out in opposition to the county’s COVID-19 response at the monthly Board of Supervisors meeting.

Many familiar faces spoke, and many new people showed, some of which for the very first time. The majority of the public speakers were in opposition to the county’s COVID-19 rule, but there were a few people who spoke in support.

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During the lengthy public hearing, one man used his time to direct racist language toward Dr. Wilma Wooten, and made vulgar comments towards some of the other Supervisors.

KUSI News chose to ignore this man as he was an outlier, and everyone agrees that he was completely in the wrong and should never say what he said.

But, the other news outlets and reporters covering the Board of Supervisors meeting are still sharing his vile language. If you watched or read some of these stories, you would think this man is an important part of the community groups fighting back against the San Diego County Supervisors COVID-19 response. But that is not the case.

The man spoke as an individual, and was not a representative of ReOpen San Diego, Let Them Breathe, San Diego Rise Up, or any of the other community led efforts to stand up to the county’s mandates.

Furthermore, the County Supervisors are also attempting to slander their opponents as being in communication, or relation, to this man’s racist speech.

Brittany Mayer, who is behind the extremely popular @Rooted.Wings Instagram page, joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Evening San Diego to publicly condemn the racist language.

Mayer made this clear on KUSI’s Good Evening San Diego, saying what the man said was “awful.” Continuing, “it’s such a disappointment, again, because he spoke alone as an individual. He didn’t come representing any organization or any group.” Adding that, “it was horrible, it was awful, it shouldn’t have been said.”

There was also a speaker who spoke over the phone in favor of the County’s COVID-19 response. This man, who mumbled his name, yelled into his phone and said anyone who disagrees with his political ideology is a “lunatic” and a “domestic terrorist,” even calling them “extremely dangerous.” He specifically called out Louis Uridel, the owner of Oceanside’s Metroflex Gym, for promoting the Second Amendment during his short speech. The man claimed Uridel’s support of the Second Amendment secretly meant he wants to “shoot and kill you.”

But, the inappropriate comments for this speaker have not been condemned, or even mentioned, by the County Board of Supervisors or any other media outlets.

Wednesday, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher sent out a press release about the incident. Fletcher announced the Board will “be assessing our legal and procedural options to enact changes to best ensure a welcoming and productive environment for the public to attend and participate in our meetings while ensuring county staff are not subject to a hostile work environment.”

All five of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors have publicly condemned this racist and vile language.

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s Public Relations assistant, James Canning, is already taking to Twitter to do his best to connect this speaker to ReOpen San Diego, Rise Up San Diego, and even KUSI News. A quick scroll through the racist man’s social media profiles (Jason Robo), and you can see that he idolized Democrat politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Fletcher’s full release is below:

Chair Fletcher responds to racist comments at meeting

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