San Diego surfer protests countywide beach closures with ‘Commies Can’t Surf’ sign

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Amid the coronavirus lockdown, San Diego County has implemented many regulations in order to stop the spread.

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher has ordered everything to close down, excluding ‘essential’ business. This means golf courses, parks, trails, bars, beaches, and the ocean.

Encinitas surfer Jack Silverwood believes this overarching order is infringing on his constitutional rights.

He spent the day Thursday protesting the beach closures at the famous Cardiff Kook with signs that read, “Commies can’t surf,” “Give me waves or give me COVID,” and “Kim Prather is a Kook.”

Silverwood is pointing out the actions of our local government have been overreaching, like a communist regime.

KUSI News spoke with Silverwood to learn more about why he spent the day protesting the beach closures.

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