San Diego survivors of Las Vegas shooting tell stories of fear & heroism

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The country music festival outside the Mandalay Bay Resort would seem to be one of the least likely settings for a night of horror. Yet the San Diegans who were among the 22 thousand people gathered for a good time with other country music fans would be united by another common experience — of living through the worst mass shooting in American history.

The San Diego festival goers who returned to Lindbergh Field told different stories of trying to escape the shooting rampage. Some hit the ground. Others ran for their lives.   

Jimmy Howell who went to the music festival with his girlfriend had found a spot near the stage, almost in front of the entertainers.

Howell, who works for KUSI’s PPR as a field producer, said the first gunshots sounded “like little poppers that you throw on the ground.” He said once he realized the gunshots were real, they found a side barricade near the stage and jumped over that. 

“At that point, people were jumping over the gate, people were jumping over fences that weren’t even exits, just to get out. Just seeing the people who weren’t lucky enough to make it out, that’s what hurts,” Howell said. 

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