San Diego teacher goes viral while connecting with his students via TikTok

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A local teacher is going viral for his creative way of connecting with students via the social media app, TikTok.
Kevin McClintock teaches Bible, English, History and Speech at the Rock Academy. He says he started his account as a joke with his kids, but it soon took on a life of its own.
“It started as a joke, I said, ‘Fine I’ll get one and then I’ll call myself Mr. McTikTok.’ I thought I was being super clever, but my students called me a dork,” McClintock said. “One day I was teaching a remote English class and one of my students looked down and then looked up to me with this smile and said I was going viral.”
In just 9 days since the page went public, over 44,000 people are following McClintock’s page with hundreds of thousands of total views on the videos he created to bring his students joy.
“The idea is to create a positive community. I’ll challenge my kids and if they duet me in a dance battle or something of the like, they will get a free homework pass,” McClintock said. “When they do it there is not a single negative comment, the class is so encouraging. We need that right now. We need that positivity in our lives, we need that connection.”
So while it’s his sweet dance moves that initially caught the attention of thousands, it’s now the sweet message behind his videos that he hopes inspires others during this difficult time.
“This is a moment to reflect on and to be grateful for what we have. We still have each other. The fact is that we can even do this social interaction through technology. 30 years ago this would have been impossible,” McClintock said. “TikTok is such a creative tool, there is such an unlimited amount of potential for students to be creative and express themselves.”
He reminds his students to stay strong and remember they are loved and supported, even when they aren’t physically be together.
Watch his videos and follow his TikTok page here:


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