San Diego Unified School Board President discusses push to reopen schools in the Fall

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Determined to reopen America’s schools despite coronavirus worries, President Donald Trump threatened on Wednesday to hold back federal money if school districts don’t bring their students back in the fall. He complained that his own public health officials’ safety guidelines are impractical and too expensive.

Shortly afterward, Vice President Mike Pence announced that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be issuing new guidance next week “that will give all new tools to our schools.” The recommendations will keep students safe, he said, but “the president said today we just don’t want the guidance to be too tough. ”

Despite Trump’s increased his pressure on state and local officials, California nor San Diego County officials have announced the reopening plan for schools ahead of the Fall 2020 semester.

Tuesday on KUSI News, SDUSD Board Member Richard Barrera even blamed President Trump for their inability to get schools ready for in-person classes.

Wednesday on Good Morning San Diego, Dr. Scott Atlas and Author, Alex Berenson, pushed for the reopening of schools citing the data that children and young people are not being impacted by the disease.

Dr. Atlas said, “we know it’s factually true and proven all over the world that people under 18 have very little, if any, risk of a serious illness and essentially no risk of dying.”

Alex Berenson also believes that schools should be open, explaining, “they should have reopened by May, because all over Europe, Australia, Japan, most of the rest of the developed world, reopened schools by, certainly by early June, and even before that. It is very clear that children are at low risk from this, they are at lower risk from this than the flu, there are more flu deaths than COVID deaths, that has been true from the beginning of this. They don’t seem to spread it very aggressively, they don’t seem to spread it to adults, they’re much more likely to get it from adults than spread it to adults. It is almost criminal to me, that we have denied our children education.”

San Diego Unified School Board President, John Lee Evans discussed the push to reopen schools in the Fall on KUSI News.

Evans says SDUSD is working with local health officials to see how to make school safe, as well as communicating with other California school districts to see how they are preparing for the Fall semester.

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