San Diego Union-Tribune names Dr. Wilma Wooten 2020 San Diegan of the Year

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board, has named Dr. Wilma Wooten, San Diego County’s Public Health Officer, their 2020 San Diegan of the Year.

The SDUT article reads, “at a time when paranoia, populism and public apathy have made the response to the coronavirus pandemic a nightmare in much of the nation, Wooten has stood firm in advocating for best practices. Wearing masks. Washing hands. Staying six feet apart. Avoiding being indoors with non-household members. Limiting travel.”

The article also criticizes KUSI News for holding Dr. Wooten accountable on the effectiveness of the policies she has been pushing for months on end.

On December 16, Dr. Wooten explained positive cases are rising because San Diegans are not “adhering” to her orders.

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The complete SDUT Editorial can be read here.

After KUSI shared this story on our social media platforms, our audience was extremely critical of the UT’s decision. We shared some of the responses on Good Evening San Diego.

Just last week, Dr. Wilma Wooten said the restrictions of Gavin Newsom’s regional stay-at-home order hasn’t improved the coronavirus situation in San Diego County. But, she continues to support extending the restrictions on local businesses as a means to fight the spread of coronavirus.

When Gavin Newsom’s regional stay-at-home order went into effect for Southern California, KUSI News asked Dr. Wooten what the normal ICU Capacity of our hospitals is, and she said she didn’t know. This questions comes after the State of California justified a second lockdown due to ICU capacity reaching 85%.

In late September, after repeatedly saying she uses “science” to guide her policy making, Dr. Wooten explained it is not safe for people to attend a Padres game, which is outdoors, because “a Padres game is a gathering. And with games, it includes and is associated with alcohol consumption, and when you mix those two, people uh, lose their ability to operate and use their best judgement.”

KUSI News asked this question as American League teams were playing with fans in the stands in Dallas, Texas, and experienced no issues, even with alcohol being served, Furthermore, many states have allowed a limited number of fans to attend their NFL games, none of which had experienced any problems and alcohol was being served.

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