‘San Diego Vaccine Hunters’ Facebook group helps people book appointments

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Throughout the pandemic we have seen San Diegans step up to help fellow neighbors in need. As the bumpy vaccination rollout efforts continue, a Facebook group known as “San Diego Vaccine Hunters,” works to connect the community to important vaccine supply information. 

“We are a wonderful community showing what kindness can do,” said the page creator Lena Evans. “We’re providing information about where people can find appointments, make appointments, or availability at different sites like local pharmacies.”

Evans said the idea for the group sparked when she was on the hunt for a vaccine herself and realized how difficult it is for some people to sit in front of a computer hitting refresh for hours, hoping to get lucky.

“It’s wonderfully dynamic, we have had people actually standing in line posting in the group and telling people to come to certain sites because of surplus supplies,” Evans said. “It’s great for others to share their experience as far as parking, how long the line is, maybe how the staff is at a certain location.”

Scrolling through the Facebook group, now nearly 5,000 members strong, is a collection of questions about where to find certain vaccine doses and success stories from people thanking the community for their help in securing them an appointment.

“It’s a catch all for information that we all need and it’s important to push this out to as many people as possible because the hope is that everyone who wants a vaccine can get it,” Evans said. “We’re giving you information that’s dynamic, up to date, and with that it’s something we feel we’re helping the county and state with because they don’t have the resources to give that kind of immediate and local information.”

The private Facebook group can be accessed by anyone who submits a valid request, just click this link for more: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sandiegovaccinehunters/ 

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