San Diego voters overwhelmingly oppose SANDAG diverting road repair funds for mass transit

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A group of local politicians think they know what’s best for all of us, and they plan on taking our tax money to prove it.  “I don’t think they care about the voters. It’s clear the voters don’t want this, but they don’t care” says Carl DeMaio of Reform California.

At the heart of this issue is a ‘voter approved tax’ for improving Freeways around San Diego, it’s called the Transnet Tax approved by voters in 2004.  “Now the politicians want to raid the road money in favor of buses and trolleys” says DeMaio.

But a new poll from Reform California is a real eye opener for those politicians who think they can force people out of their cars in the name of ‘climate change’.  “The poll shows 97-percent of people use their cars everyday for work and play, two percent use buses and trolleys and one percent ride their bikes of walk” says DeMaio.

It also shows a ‘super majority’ of people in San Diego do not like politicians stealing ‘road money’.  In fact, 70-percent are opposed to using ‘road money’ for more trolleys and buses.  “So what we’re going to do is ‘target’ at least two of these politicians, we’ll kill the idea, then we will target at least two of them during their reelection”, says DeMaio.

There is also something called a “congestion tax”.  No, really.  The politicians who run SANDAG are proposing a new tax on anyone who sits in traffic, during congestion, as if it’s their fault.

In other words, they plan on stealing voter approved money for roads, creating more congestion, then charging drivers for sitting in the mess they’ve created.  The group is known as SANDAG.  They are politicians from all 18-cities around San Diego County who sit on this board.

At the core of their philosophy, cars are bad, buses are good.  Contact your local politician and let them know what the ‘real people’ are thinking.

KUSI’s Dan Plante was live in downtown with the details.

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