San Diego Woman Spearheads Efforts to Bring Afghan Families to Safety

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As Americans and U.S. allies are still trapped in Afghanistan, one San Diego woman is taking matters into her own hands.

Founder and Executive Director of OneDigital World, Casey Myers Doane told KUSI on Tuesday, the non-profit is currently working with over 300 people, mostly Afghan families affiliated with the U.S., to help them find refuge. She says these families are still in danger.

“Some families have had to split up because they realize some of their families are at a higher risk,” she said, “because they don’t want to put their family in additional danger so they’re getting separated. They’re having to move and transition to different locations every day so they don’t get detected.”

Their goal is to provide resources to families in order to help them find safety, and get evacuated.

This comes after the last U.S. Air Force evacuation flight left Kabul on Monday, leaving more than 100 Americans behind.

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