San Diego Zoo launches California condor webcam

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego Zoo Global today launched a webcam that will give Internet visitors a glimpse into a California condor nest at the Safari Park.

The new camera view comes on the brink of mating season, so viewers might be able to see events previously witnessed only by animal handlers and biologists, like courtship, egg incubation, hatching, parents caring for the young and a chick's first flight.

The camera gives a birds-eye view of a tree and a horizontal stand within the Safari Park's condor breeding enclosure, which is off-limits to the public. Two of the big birds rested on the stand during an examination of the camera this afternoon.

According to zoo officials, breeding season begins in November, at which point the webcam will focus on the nest. Incubation lasts 54-58 days, and a chick is not ready to fly until six month after it hatches, according to the Peregrine Fund.

San Diego Zoo Global is the new name for the San Diego Zoological Society.

The organization has been breeding California condors since the 1980s, when there were only 22 left in the wild. Since then, 165 have been bred and 80 returned to their habitats.

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