San Diego Zoo Safari Park celebrates World Rhino Day

Wednesday September 22nd, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance celebrated World Rhino Day.There are five species of rhino: white (estimated 18,000) and black (estimated 5,600) in Africa; greater one-horned (estimated 3,600), Javan (estimated 74) and Sumatran (estimated 80) in Asia. Rhino numbers are dwindling, primarily due to poaching and habitat loss. The Safari Park is home to greater one-horned rhinos, black rhinos, and southern white rhinos—including the female southern white rhino calf born Aug. 22. KUSI viewers can help us name the southern white rhino calf by going to the Safari Park’s Facebook page and give us their choice of three names selected by our wildlife care specialists. The name will be announced on Wednesday, Sept. 29.The names: Kamaria (Cam-mar-e-uh) means beautiful like the moonlight in Swahili; Kifaru (Key-far-roo) means rhino in Swahili; Ilanga (E-long-a) means the sun in Xhosa

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