San Diego Zoo Safari Park names new Tamandua pup ‘Tatis Jr.’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Although the San Diego Padres did not make the postseason, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is still supporting the team by naming one of their newest animals after our shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr.

The new Tamandua pup (lesser anteater), is now named Tatis Jr. The SDZ Safari Park says what is even more fascinating is that his father’s name is already Fernando!

Facts About the Tamandua Pup:

  • Name: Tatis Jr.
  • He lives at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • He currently weighs about 2907grams.
  • From tip of nose to tip of tail, he’s approximately 26 – 28 inches in length; and height while standing upright on hind feet looking up, is about 22 inches.
  • Tatis Jr. is a very curious tamandua, who loves to explore, climb, ride on mom’s back, wrestle with a plush anteater, and nap.
  • Wildlife care specialists describe him as curious and confident.

His favorite food is currently waxworms.

Photos of Tatis Jr.:

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