San Diego Zoo Safari Park to open new ‘Walkabout Australia’ exhibit

ESCONDIDO (KUSI) — If you want to experience wildlife from around the world, you only have to go as far our own San Diego Zoo.

And now there’s a piece of the land down under that is about to open at Safari Park.

In total, the San Diego Safari Park has 18-hundred acres, but these three and a half acres is now home to many of Australia’s marvelous marsupials

“As you walk into walkabout Australia you have wallabies right there in front of you and bird species as well you have to be there, but you can get a good pet or maybe a good picture,” said Rick Schwartz, Global Ambassador for San Diego Zoo.

You’ll see your favorite wallabies and wombat. There’s ever-popular kangaroos, even the endangered tree kangaroo, and another endangered species that is hard to see.

And if you’re really quiet and really lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the giant cassowary.

The Cassowary is an incredibly large and incredible bird flightless but still found in Australia,” Schwartz said.

The world-famous San Diego Zoo has been around more than a century now and Safari Park about half that time.

They are always striving to make folks feel right at home and that also goes for the animals that call this world of wonder home.

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