City Council says they’ll play bigger role in city’s budget decisions

On Tuesday our new city council will pass a resolution to demonstrate to the voters of San Diego that the old way of doing business at city hall has changed. KUSI's Steve Bosh has been following San Diego's budget battle and reports on the latest details.

At his weekly briefing, Council President Tony Young let it be known that this council is intent on becoming a full partner with the mayor in solving the city's budget deficit.

With Council Member Lori Zapf at his side, Council President Young said unlike past councils, this council will be proactive, and not simply sit back and react to what the mayor proposes in his budget.

“One of the things the mayor is realizing is that we got a council that's really as dedicated as he is to get this issue addressed,” said Young.

The resolution, the council will adopt centers around a menu of some 200-cost saving ideas that have been developed over the last two years to protect city services from deep cuts.

“I ran on providing more cost efficiencies in our city government, putting business principals into our government,” said Zapf, “I'm always happy when this council takes up legislation that will both solve our problems, and provide solutions.”

No previous council has ever developed such a resolution, in open session, and sent it to the mayor before the mayor presented his budget proposals to the council.

“There are certain things that will make it to the resolution to tell the mayor, hey, this is what we already have consensus on but there are other opportunities during the budget process to vet some issues that are a little bit more problematic when it comes to getting a consensus on,” said Young

“We've been working together to get some meaningful reforms enacted so I'm very much looking forward to next week when we hope to craft and pass a meaningful budget resolution,” said Zapf.

This menu of options gives the council an option, a sort of a hole card to play, if the mayor proposes to cut a service the council is intent on keeping.

Surely some of these items will be in the mayor's budget when he brings it to council next week. Those items that aren't, could find their into the mayor's revised budget in May.

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