San Diego’s restaurant industry faces unprecedented uncertainty amid coronavirus pandemic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The restaurant industry is seeing an unprecedented uncertainty while still in the mist of the coronavirus storm.

“My mind is basically numb,” said an emotional Phil Pace, owner Phil’s BBQ.

“When I heard from the governor that said we need to stop dining in, I said to myself ‘what are we gonna do?’ The first thing that came to mind was that I have to take care of my employees. The first thing we thought of is we’ll take care of their health insurance.

Jeff Rossman, President of the CA Restaurant Association and Terra Hospitality Group, spoke , along sidePace, at a news conference at County administration building.

“This happened so fast we don’t even know how many restaurants closed we’re estimating about 60% of all of our restaurants have closed and you can imagine how many thousands and thousands of employees have been affected,” said Rossman.

“Make sure that not only are you going to the grocery stores and depleting all of the groceries getting all of the meats and everything I mean it’s crazy out there right so do your part order either Uber Eats, GrubHub, whatever you can,” said Rossman.

Restaurant owners want you to know, it’s safe for you to order food now more so than ever.

“We are extremely safe on a day-to-day basis were regulated by the county health department and now with the CDC were practicing social distancing.. We’re doing more and more to make people feel safe,” said Rossman.

The City and county of San Diego Are already planning for the recovery of businesses by Deferring certain business fees and passing a nearly $4 million relief package.

If you would like to help a restaurant worker in need there is a fund set up through the California Association of restaurants it’s called “Restaurants care.”

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