San Francisco Republican Party Chairman discusses Speaker Pelosi impeaching Trump while coronavirus pandemic was beginning

SAN FRANCISCO (KUSI) – Congress is on the verge of passing an almost $500 billion coronavirus relief bill, but battle lines already are forming over the next package. Congressional lawmakers are facing enormous demands to approve additional billions for state and local governments, the Postal Service, and even roads and bridges.

Mainstream media is blaming Republican Congressman for the delays, but Democrats, led by Speaker Pelosi, have been trying to sneak in funding for programs and places that have nothing to do with helping small businesses.

Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party, John Dennis, has been publicly criticizing Pelosi for her failure to lead during a time of crisis.

For example, on Twitter, Dennis has been pointing out that Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats were trying to impeach President Donald Trump while the coronavirus crisis was brewing in Wuhan, China.

He says they distracted themselves, other lawmakers, and the entire country from the dangers of coronavirus while she led the partisan impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

John Dennis joined KUSI News via Skype to further explain his criticism for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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