San Marcos 13, Fallbrook 8

Fallbrook Warriors vs San Marcos Knights

The Fallbrook Warriors started off the evening looking strong. They ran the ball up against San Marcos and they used their deception to make the two point conversion after their only touchdown of the game. No one cored the first quarter and both teams spent most of their possession time in the middle of the field.

Early on it looked like neither team was going to repeat a game by scoring an excess of 50 points as they have earlier this season. Their weren’t many big plays and this game was decided in the trenches. San Marcos Knight Anthony Zuniga racked up three sacks. The defenses met offenses head on and limited advancement of both teams.

As both coaches agreed Fridays’ game was against their toughest opponents this year. The San Marcos passing game was limited by Fallbrook’s come from anywhere defense. The San Marcos team did play with confidence and their experience allowed them to see through Fallbrook’s deception to win the game. Fallbrook’s never quit attitude kept the game alive and they threatened one last offense from midfield during the final seconds of the game.

San Marcos came out of the game the victor and advances the season with four wins and no losses. Fallbrook travels home to lick their wounds and the Fallbrook Warrior record changes to 3 wins and 1 loss.

Friday September 26 San Marcos meets Westview.

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