San Marcos 63, Escondido 18

San Marcos Vs. Escondido

Coming into Friday’s game the teams stood with Escondido: 0-2San Marcos: 2-0

The Escondido Cougars squared off with the San Marcos Knights Friday evening at Escondido with another non-conference game. Both teams were able to move the ball but neither scored the first quarter.

Early in the second quarter the the Escondido Cougars stopped the San Marcos drive early and scoring with a David Turney interception and he ran for a 60 yard touchdown. Escondido continued their press with the completion of a #3 2 point conversion.

Escondido’s drive was short lived and San Marcos soon took control of the game, and did not let go. James Harwell threw a 42 yard pass to Kyle Philips for the first San Marcos touchdown. . . the score now 8 – 6 Escondido. Jon Diaz made the point after good and the score rests at 8 – 7 Escondido.

San Marcos marched down the field allowing Semaj Wren to cross for a touchdown from one yard out. San Marcos 13 Escondido 8.

A successful onside kick allowed San Marcos to march right back down the field where James Harwell threw to Johnny Mc Williams for a 15 yard touchdown akin the score San Marcos 20 Escondido 18.

During our coverage San Marcos was successful at completing two onside kicks to maintain possession, then complete the drives for touchdowns.

Escondido failed to control the San Marcos passing game. Escondido managed to score a couple more times, but San Marcos did not allow them to take over, and San Marcos continued to dominate the game.

Late in the game San Marcos changed quarterbacks, and continued their lead.

Escondido rounds out this non-conference game with 0 wins, 3 losses, while San Marcos moves ahead with 3 wins and 0 losses.

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