San Marcos High rocket team to compete in finals in Washington D.C.

The San Marcos High School rocket team made it to finals in Washington DC this year – one of only six teams from California (and the only team from San Diego).

There are four juniors on the team this year (two girls, two boys) and all varsity athletes. The team leaves May 10 to go to DC for the finals which take place Saturday May 12.

What they had to do:

• Build a rocket (to specific size/weight requirements)
• Conduct a maximum of three qualification flights, with the best two qualifying flights being considered
• Contain and completely enclose two eggs in the rocket of 55 to 61 grams weight and a diameter of 45 millimeters or less
• Return the eggs from the flight without any cracks or other external damage
• Achieve a flight duration in the range of 41 to 43 seconds
• Use one and only one electronic altimeter and achieve altitude performance goal of 800 feet

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