San Marcos vaccination centers, COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program, thriving business scene

SAN MARCOS (KUSI) – The city of San Marcos has recently gone through a lot of development, from multiple COVID-19 vaccination sties to plentiful new businesses.

The Gary and Mary West PACE Vaccination Site is vaccinating seniors 65 years and older. At the point that it becomes fully operational, the site will be offering approximately 500 doses a day from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Restaurant Row has been sold and the new plans have not yet been announced.

San Marcos residents can proudly say their community now has about 4,500 businesses, 50,000 jobs, and about an $8 billion annual GDP.

The COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program will provide temporary rental or mortgage assistance to residents who have been the most devastated.

Mayor Rebecca Jones, City of San Marcos Mayor, joined KUSI to discuss the goings-on in San Marcos.

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