San Miguel firefighters rescue kitten stuck inside vehicle engine

MORENO VALLEY (KUSI) — Firefighters from the San Miguel Fire District rescued a tiny kitten Monday after it got stuck inside a vehicle engine.

Adrienne Koroly parked his Lexus outside his Moreno Valley home Saturday and when he stepped out of the car, he heard a tiny meow coming from somewhere under the hood. 

For three days he and his parents tried to coax the cat out of the car.

With no luck, Koroly visited the San Miguel Fire Districts Station 15 and asked for assistance.

Truck 15 arrived on the scene and the firefighters found the cat lodged under the engine compartment of the Lexus.

Firefighters used airbags to lift the car so they could climb under the vehicle to dislodge what turned out to be a tiny gray, white and black kitten, covered in grease. 

Firefighters named the tiny gray, black and white kitten “Lexus” in honor of the vehicle he was rescued from.

San Diego County Animal Services gave the kitten a clean bill of health and adopted him out to Koroly’s next door neighbors. 

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