San Onofre Power Plant plans to remove nuclear waste

SAN ONOFRE (KUSI) – For the first time in a long time, there is hope that Tons of Nuclear Waste will be removed from the San Onofre Nuclear Plant, which sits on prime ocean front property in Southern California.

“Today I pleased to announce, when I return to Washington, I will introduce legislation to ensure that the spent fuel here at San Onofre will get top priority, and work with the Federal Government for it’s disposal”, says Congressman Mike Levin (D) 49th District.

For the past six years, San Onofre has been shut down after an accident with one of the generators. Since then, they have been slowly transferring the Nuclear Waste from something called “Wet Storage” to “Dry Storage”. The Dry Storage is much safer, they say.

But the real issue is permanent storage, which at this point simply does not exist. “This is an accident waiting to happen, not just here, but at 100-locations around the country”, says Congressman Harley Rouda, (D) 48th District.

But San Onofre is unique among old power plants. It’s the only one that sits on Government land, owned by the U.S. Navy. It’s also the only plant that sits between Active Earthquake Faults, on the ocean with more than eight million people within 50-miles. “It’s very significant, very important to have support from these members of Congress. Nothing will happen unless Congress acts and the President signs legislation to do things differently than we are doing now. Nothing is happening”, says Ron Pontes, Director of Decommissioning at SONGS.

The full press conference from the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant can be seen below.

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