San Vicente Reservoir project will bring water to 300K homes

LAKESIDE (CNS) – The San Diego County Water Authority's largest water storage project ever is well under way with construction of an auxiliary dam to hold back water in the San Vicente Reservoir, the agency announced Wednesday.

The SDCWA plans to raise the height of the main dam by 117 feet this fall and double the capacity of water in the reservoir.

Because of the terrain, the smaller 650-foot dam was necessary as part of the $450 million project.

The extra water in the reservoir will be able to supply 300,000 homes annually. It will also give the county extra water in case of emergency.

Work began on the other dam on a small scale last month, but recently the pace has picked up, according to the SDCWA.

“We are making good progress and the project is proceeding on budget and within its expected time frame,” said Bill Rose, director of engineering for the Water Authority.

Workers are using a special concrete mixture on the temporary dam that uses less water and sets faster. Material for the concrete is generated at an on-site quarry, saving 100,000 truck trips through the nearby community, according to the SDCWA.

San Vicente Reservoir is closed to all recreation during construction. Once the dam raise is complete and the reservoir is refilled, a new, expanded marina will reopen for boating and fishing.

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