San Ysidro Cougars 35, Castle Park Trojans 6

Cougars proved that a bye week would not stop them from retracting their claws and going out to hunt for victory. San Ysidro took the win over Castle Park 35-6 after fantastic performances by both teams. After tonight’s game San Ysidro is 3-5 and Castle Park is 0-8 for the season.

San Ysidro’s Alejandro Bonneau opened up the scoreboard during the first quarter with a 12-yard touchdown run to give the 7-0 lead to the Cougars. With both teams battling it out to gain yards and reach the end zone, it would again be San Ysidro with a touchdown. Jeremiah Martinez ran the ball on for a 5-yard touchdown run! The half ended 14-0 Cougars!

Third quarter the Cougars and Trojans showed up ready for battle. Castle Park’s Eleazar Cruz threw a beautiful 25-yard pass to Joel Torres right at the corner of the end zone. What seemed like out of bounds, one referee looked at another and after slight confusion it was declared a Trojan touchdown! The updated score 14-6 Cougars. Castle Park unable to get the extra field goal point. Two more touchdowns were scored in the third quarter. Alejandro Bonneau and Jeremiah Martinez capitalized on scoring opportunities giving the Cougars a 28-6 lead at the end of the quarter.

In the fourth quarter Eleazar Cruz threw a pass intended for a Trojan but was intercepted by Cougar Christian Macias. Macias’s interception created and opportunity for a scoring play. In the last stretch of the game San Ysidro’s Junior Bueno threw a 20-yard pass to Jesse Hernandez that was caught for a touchdown! Final score of the match 35-6 Cougars!

 Shout out to Castle Park’s newly crowned homecoming Queen Chantel Gonzalez.

Next week Castle Park Trojans play an away game against the Montgomery Aztecs. San Ysidro Cougars will also have an away game facing the Southwest SD Raiders. See you in Week 10!

PREVIEW: Welcome Week 9! San Ysidro will head on over to Castle Park for a conference game. Both teams come into the week ready for action after having a bye week in Week 8.

The Cougars have the current record of 2-5 in the season. Their luck at home seems to be on the edge, they have not been able to produce a win since Week 3. Anything can and will change, they are known to be on the prowl for unexpected plays and touchdowns on the end zone. Pouncing on opportunities will get their spirits back up and their claws out for battle!

Castle Park comes out to defend their home field. The Trojans have had many tough battles this season bringing them at 0-7 record in the season, but they never give up without a fight, fight, fight! Their football spirit and perseverance shows they have plenty of heart and love for the game to simply give up without a fight. It is all or nothing for the Trojans this Friday with the celebration of Homecoming and Senior Night! Here we go TROJANS!

San Ysidro will need to continue to push through with efforts from Quarterback Junior Bueno, wide receiver Jazz Gill, running back Jeremiah Martinez and fullback Alejandro Bonneau. Collectively and Individually the team can create positive outcomes on the field, they have to keep it going for all four quarters of the game.

The Trojans will rely on Quarterback Eleazar Cruz, and Chris Arana. Cruz has a total of 285 passing yards in the season and averages 142 per game. Arana has an average of 42 rushing yards and 169 receiving yards so far in the season.  

Cougars and Trojans are looking to start the week with favorable results, we will find out under the Friday night-lights!

San Ysidro Cougars vs. Castle Park Trojans is set for 7 p.m. at Castle Park High School. Tune into the PPR on KUSI every Friday at 10:30 p.m. for highlights, scores, and so much more. For updates on all games follow us on Twitter and Instagram @KUSIPPR @RedJacketArmy! Search for the #KUSIonPPR hash tag for pictures and statuses. Check us out on Snapchat, get the PPR Domino’s filter and receive a free side of breadsticks with your order.

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