SANDAG accepts state housing need determination

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The San Diego Association of Governments Board of Directors decided Friday to accept the state’s determination of how many housing units San Diego County will need.

The state’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment is a regular cycle used to determine how many homes each section of the state needs to build over an eight-year period.

In this case, it’s from 2021 through 2029.

California Department of Housing and Community Development officials determined that 171,000 units need to be built locally over that span, but SANDAG officials voted in May to ask the state to accept a goal of 116,000 units instead.

Ahead of Friday’s meeting, members of a SANDAG committee recommended the agency go forward with state recommendations without adjustments.

“Committee members commented that negotiating with HCD to reduce the housing unit number in previous RHNA cycles has contributed to the housing crisis seen today,” they said in a report. “There was a consensus by the Regional Planning Committee that accepting the HCD RHNA Determination could more effectively address that crisis and improve the region’s housing availability going forward.”

Following Friday’s vote, SANDAG will take a few more procedural steps before beginning to develop a plan that addresses housing need in its 19 jurisdictions.

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