SANDAG bullies mileage tax opposition into submission

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – SANDAG continues to push voices of opposition out as the Regional Transportation Plan timeline for approval comes to a head.

Mayor John McCann of Chula Vista, San Diego’s second-largest constituency, was barred from taking a position on SANDAG’s board. He would have opposed the so-called ‘mileage tax’ per his campaign promises.

Additionally, Executive Director Hasan Ikhrata was just handed more power by SANDAG’s board — he is an unelected officially in charge of the most powerful government body in San Diego.

Mayor Rebecca Jones joined KUSI to discuss how SANDAG plans to present their promised alternate funding option to the mileage tax with the intention of watching it fail. By presenting this weak alternative, they plan to make the mileage tax the only viable funding option remaining.

The public has been very open and straightforward — few want fees for driving on public roads. The “fee” has been called a classist tax because those who drive more are often living in less affluent neighborhoods.

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