SANDAG CEO Hasan Ikhrata to undergo performance review, public urged to weigh in

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – SANDAG has become an extremely unpopular government agency among the residents of San Diego County, mainly because their leaders are continuing to push a Regional Transportation Plan, and a mileage tax on San Diegans.

The mileage tax has proven to be extremely unpopular with voters, but SANDAG CEO Hasan Ikhrata and other Democrat politicians on the board are ignoring the people they are supposed to represent.

SANDAG Chair Nora Vargas even publicly attempted to mislead voters about the mileage tax, as she began referring to it as a “Road User Charge.” Since taxes have to be voted on and approved by the people, referring to it as a Road User Charge would allow the government to bypass this necessary step.

Chair Vargas then appeared on KUSI News (below) to explain her choice of words, where she told our audience “there will be no mileage tax.” But, Vargas was only referring to the short-term, she left the possibility open for a mileage plan to be included in a later plan, and the more likely scenario of the State of California imposing a Road User Charge of their own.

Republican County Supervisor Jim Desmond has been one of the leading voices in opposition to all of SANDAG’s proposed tax hikes, including the mileage tax, and joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy to urge the public to share their thoughts on CEO Hasan Ikhrata ahead of his performance review this Friday.

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(Below) SANDAG Board Member Terry Gaasterland joined KUSI’s Hunter Sowards to discuss the performance review.

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