SANDAG shoots down controversial Mileage Tax

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Friday, Sept. 23 SANDAG voted to eliminate the Mileage Tax from the 2021 Regional Transportation Plan. 

In the final months of 2021, SANDAG approved a transportation plan worth $162.5 billion with the aim of adding a 200 mile regional rail network and eliminating fares for public transit.

Means to fund the new transportation plan have been widely debated, and SANDAG has yet to decide where the money will come from. The mileage tax, proposed by some of San Diego’s most influential leaders within SANDAG, would cost citizens up to four cents-per-gallon.

Due to controversy, the mileage tax was eliminated as a means of paying for the new infrastructure. However, legislators against the Mileage Tax warn that throughout the timeline of the Transportation Plan, Dems. in legislation will likely push the tax again. 

California already has the highest gas tax and car taxes in the nation. The mileage tax would increase the expense of driving by the equivalent of an extra 80 cents-per-gallon, according to Reform California. 

(Below) Mayor Matt Hall discussed the Mileage Tax and what it would do to the wallets of Californians.

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