SANDAG’s new plan seeks to make SD’s transportation system faster, fairer, and cleaner

NATIONAL CITY (KUSI) – San Diego Forward is the 2021 regional plan which provides SANDAG’s proposed vision through 2050.

KUSI has been closely following this new plan and allowing many different SANDAG board members to weigh in.

National City Mayor and SANDAG Second Vice Chair Alejandra Sotelo-Solis joined KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez to further discuss details of the proposed plan.

Mayor Sotelo-Solis believes this plan will reduce the stress of traffic and improve many aspects of San Diego’s transportation.

Alvarez brought up to Sotelo-Solis the results of a recent survey from networking company, Blind, which found that 64% of working professionals at large companies, many of them tech companies, would choose working from home over a $30,000 pay raise.

Mayor Sotelo-Solis attributed the widespread desire to work from home to the traffic congestion in San Diego.

Many San Diegans have become distrustful of SANDAG, and to that, she responded saying that SANDAG’s board has completely new leadership from 2004 and now has an independent auditor.

“When I was a student at UC San Diego in ’97, there was this dream about transportation from San Ysidro and National City to La Jolla. Now it’s a reality. It’s called the Mid-Coast Trolley,” Mayor Sotelo-Solis said.

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