Sanderling Waldorf School creates outdoor learning options for their students

VISTA (KUSI) – The Sanderling Waldorf School is a self funded nonprofit school in Vista and Encinitas for kids as young as 3 to the 8th grade.

“We are going to be bringing in large scale tents to give our children’s shade to give our children outdoor classroom,” said Lisa Fyfe, a parent and Sanderling Waldorf school board member.

One of the unique things about a Waldorf education is that typically the teachers stay with their students through the eighth grade.

“Our focus in early childhood is not on the intellect it’s on the building of a physical body and the connection to your social community,” said Peggy Waterhouse, a teacher.

“I like that we get to be outside a lot and we get to be taught really fun things,” said Evan Taylor, 4th Grader.

At Waldorf schools, they recommend to limit media like TV and video watching so the fact that the state is now mandating virtual learning goes against their teaching model. But, the school community is staying optimistic that their expansion of  their outdoor classroom setting will give them an advantage to be approved for in-person school come the Fall.

“We recently launched a new program called access to all. We’re passionate about Waldorf education reaching everybody who wants to be a partof it. So if you are dedicated to pedagogy and you want to be a part of our community we will make it work financially that’s our commitment,” said Melissa Nilsen, 4th Grade teacher.

KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez visited the Sanderling Waldorf School on Good Morning San Diego.

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