Sanders continues bid for presidency

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KUSI) — Senator Bernie Sanders took the podium outside the White House Thursday announcing he will continue to fight for the issues his supporters care about leading into the Democratic National Convention.

The speech followed a meeting between the senator and President Barack Obama in the Oval Office Thursday morning. The session was intended to unify a disjointed Democratic Party, according to the Associated Press.

Sanders did not endorse Clinton in his speech, but did say he would work with Clinton to defeat Trump in November.

Sanders will continue his presidential bid vying for delegates in the District of Columbia primary next week, he said.

According to the White House, the meeting was requested by Sanders. Obama was expected to discuss ways in which the senator could continue fighting for his agenda without fighting for the presidency.  

Many have called for Sanders to drop out of the race and clear a path for Hillary Clinton to battle Donald Trump in the general election.

"Bernie Sanders knows what’s at stake in this election, what’s on the line. I have no doubt that he’ll be very constructive as we go forward," Nancy Pelosi told reporters.

According to the Associated Press, President Obama planned to endorse Hillary Clinton after the meeting. 

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