Santee package thief caught on camera

SANTEE (KUSI) — After watching the recorded video, this was what they found.

“It caught her looking around at first and then she walks right up to the door, bends down, picks up the package, shoves it into her purse,” said  Mouneimne. “You can see at that point a really good visual of her face and then walks away.”

“I thought they were really bold because they came at 9:30 in the morning and did it and on a Sunday,” said LiLi-Ann Mooneyham, Neighbor of the Mouneimne family. “Most people are awake and doing family things.”

The thief stole $15 worth of personal care items, but Mouneimne said that is not the point.

“It’s unsettling to have someone come to your door and take a package and take off,” said Mouneimne.

This was not the first time it has happened in the Santee community.

“People are like, ‘My package was taken, my package was taken, my package was taken,” said LiLi-Ann Mooneyham. “I feel really bad and more and more people have cameras.”

Nadi’s neighbor said she felt his sense of violation because she also had a package stolen from her doorstep.

“I really hope that they find her and really set an example because it happens a lot in Santee,” said Mooneyham.

As for Mouneimne, he’s using his video with help from the Sheriff’s office and the Santee community to keep this from happening again.

“It is an uncomfortable feeling and we will get over it in time, but what was great was the community coming together, helping and keeping a lookout for this person,” said Mouneimne.

Amazon stepped up and delivered a new package, free of charge.

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